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Why I Use Twitter

While I was at the Kynetx Christmas party, my boss' wife asked me, "I want to understand this Twitter thing. Why do you use it?" I answered her question and thought that I'd post my response here.

There are two main reasons why I use Twitter.

  1. To become well known. Not popular, but well known. I want people who meet me to say, "Oh, you're Jessie! It's nice to finally meet you." Twitter helps me accomplish this. I can meet new people, talk about interesting things, and learn from others, as well as teach others.
  2. To know what my friends are doing/thinking. Twitter's orignal "use." I find that knowing what the people I follow are doing. Not everyone, granted, but the people who I actually know in real life (horray for groups in TweetDeck!). I want to know about their blog posts, food they reccomend, etc. It's kind of fun!

After I told her those things, she kind of nodded her head. Obviously, Twitter isn't for anybody. It is good, in my opinion, for gathering information from friends, as well as giving information. If you love information, odds are, you'll love Twitter! Post a comment about why you Tweet!