Let's JAM!

Why I "Like" Apple

Well, I honestly don't really like Apple. I do have a Mac Book Pro for work, and it's a great machine! They do several different things right. It suspends well, gets great battery life, is fast, looks good, and has some awesome features, like the little lights under the keyboard.

But the price! Man! If I bought this machine, I would have emptied out nearly my whole bank account. They are EXPENSIVE.

But enough about what I don't like about them, here's why I actually like them. They stretch the envelope. Plain and simple. The iPhone has its problems, namely it can't multitask and you're stuck with the App Store unless you want to jailbreak it. But what the iPhone has done is more than just become an awesome phone and development platform, it's promoting smart phones. Suddenly people that would have never bought a smart phone are using them like crazy! Now there's a huge market for smart phones, and so more companies are designing and developing amazing machines.

In the last couple of weeks and months, there has been an explosion of new devices, some running Google's Android, others running Windows Mobile, with some running their own software.

Whether you be an Apple "Fanboy" or a PC "Fanboy" or whatever you are, the point is that there is one winner: the consumer. Us! We're the winners! Look at the choices we have! Capacitive vs. resistive touchscreens, full qwerty keyboard or not, etc. Overall, I like Apple because they have spurred an up rise of new devices. And boy am I excited!!