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Turbogears2 and Pip

I have been playing around with several different web development platforms lately, one of which is TurboGears. TurboGears is an extensively modular framework. After installing virtualenv (virtualenv is to python as RVM is to Ruby), I set up an environment for TurboGears. I did a 'pip install turbogears2' (pip is Python's gem). Everything seemed to work great, until I tried to run the first command in the tutorial, 'paster quickstart'. Except paster didn't know what this new-fangled 'quickstart' command was. After some searching, I found that I needed to install the egg tg.devtools with 'pip install tg.devtools'. Why didn't TurboGears/Pip take care of this? I do not know... It seems pip has a ways to go to catch up to gem.


I do look forward to the day it does, though.