Let's JAM!

Spot a want or need and fill it!

I recently saw a trailer for Lego Universe at Joystiq. The game looks pretty freaking sweet! If you have never played any of the Lego Games which have come out recently, namely Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones, I urge you to go and purchase one. Right now. I kid you not, this game is one of the greatest series ever. It has humor, violence (no blood), story, and no talking. These games are some of the best ever. But why?

For the same reason that the Wii is selling more units than the PS3 or the XBox 360, in my opinion. These games see a want. That want is for non-gamers to enjoy gaming. Anybody, even my 10 year old cousin who hates most video games enjoys Mario Kart. The same goes for the Lego series. This is a game that I play with all of my brothers and sisters. Granted, some of them are better than others, but I enjoy playing it with each one. This brings me to the purpose of my post which is, ironically, purpose.

As a blogger, businessman, programmer, or anything else, you need to know your purpose. What is the purpose of you starting your blog? Why are you writing this program? Without understanding these fundamental elements, you will be destined to fail. It's all about purpose. So, what is mine, you ask?

To see a need and fill it! As a young, unexperienced "kid", I do not have a degree, much job experience, or anything. But what I do have is work ethic and intelligence. Those two things allow me to get things done quickly and efficiently. Whether that thing is taking out the garbage or creating a system for backups.

So, to my fellow young people, and people in general, my advice to you in your blogs and businesses and careers: See a need, and fill it. If you do those things, you will (nearly) always be employed.