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Sony, I Applaud Thee

It has been announced that PlayStation Network will be down "indefinetly." (http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2011/04/25/22402/)


Indefinetly is a terrible word to use here (thanks WSJ!). Why? Because infdefinetly implies "forever". This is not the case. Sony is working on getting PSN back up and running ASAP. While indefinetly is technically correct, is is poor word choice. Thanks for making a scene, Wall Street Journal.


The other thing about this announcement is the fact that Sony thought their service was comprimised, and so they took immediate action. I applaud Sony in their efforts to keep my data private. Credit card data was stored as well (for Downloadable content, etc.). While I am upset that Sony allowed for such an attack to happen, I am glad that they are doing something about it and being clear what data may have been comprimised.


Stop whining about it being the end of the world because you cannot play online. Hey, maybe you should go outside and meet some REAL friends. :-) Heh, just kidding. But seriously, which is more important: Your credit card information being leaked or being able to play online during Easter. I for one give Sony a B+ in the handling of this situation.