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Removing gorilla glue...

I am not responsible for any damages occuring from following these instructions, whether those damages occur to property, pets, or people. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Gorilla glue, one of the greatest substances known to man. That stuff rocks! It's like a mixture of spray foam and super glue. What I don't like about it is when it gets on my hands. The stuff is nearly impossible to get off. I have found a solution that works, and works quite well, might I add.

Carboratour cleaner, also one of the greatest substances to man. It's awesome stuff! It's extremely abrasive, however, and should be used with caution. It may also cause cancer when used in large doses (use in a well ventilated area!), hence the warning up above. But if you need to get the Gorilla Glue off your hands, use some carb cleaner on it. I have found that it works so long as the glue isn't completely dried (I haven't tried it when it is completely dried, if you do, leave me a comment saying how it worked!). Carb cleaner is by far the best solution I've been able to find!