Let's JAM!

Old Technology

I was browsing the Classifieds section on http://www.ksl.com (the local classifieds these days in UT) when I stumbled across a funny ad. I'm not sure if it was a joke or not. The way it was written made it seem serious, but I just can't believe somebody would be that stupid. To help you guys know what I'm talking about, here's a screenshot.


ksl.com screenshot


Now, tell me, who WOULDN'T want this wonderful peice of hardware? I called this guy up as soon as I possibly could, but alas, it had already sold.


What's funny is that the phone that I have in my pocket has more processing power, RAM, storage, and in general can do more than that computer. What once cost 600 dollars or more new is now impossible to give away. But is this unique to technology, specifically computers? I say yes.

If I offered you a car from the 90's, or even the 80's for that matter, would you turn it down? Doubtful, especially if everything still worked, similar to this computer. Since the first silicon transistor in 1954, computers have accelerated so fast that it's amazing to contemplate. Computers have made our lives simpler, easier, and more efficent. In 20 years mobile phones have progressed from things the size of bricks to things which we carry in our pockets with ease. In my opinion, no other industry has exploded with such might.

Jobs have been destroyed, while others have been created, by the computer. Maybe there's some industry I'm overlooking, but I just cannot think of any other area where things have grown so quickly. The laptop I'm using probably has more processing power than all of the computers used to put the first man on the moon. How's THAT for crazy? What's REALLY crazy is the fact that probably 90% of the people reading this remember when Neil Armstrong said those famous words. That same generation was alive when the i386 architechture came out. That is why I feel that computers and integrated circuts are a unique field. Do you agree? Leave a comment if you don't...