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My Experience With An E-Text

For my Calculus class I purchased the ebook version of the textbook. I needed the textbook, but two hundred dollars was a bit much. So, I opted for the ebook. I have my laptop with me anyway, so why not just use the ebook?

So, I went with the ebook. So far my experiences have been pleasant. I have my book with me almost always. It is really convenient not to carry around a huge, 900 page book. However, it is terrible when I have no charge on my battery. The other complaint that I have is that the page numbers between the book and ebook do not match up. When the teacher says, "Go to page X", I have to add 22 to X in order to be on the right page. Publishers, get your act together. Make the pages for a 200 dollar text and an 80 dollar ebook text match up. I pay more than enough for it.

Overall I wish I could get rid of all of my physical textbooks and get a laptop or ereader or what not. That would be a thousand times more convenient than 4 textbooks. :-)