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Kynetx and Google's New Realtime Stuff

Well, as we all (or most of us) know, Google released real time searching. This is pretty cool! Most of us at Kynetx wanted to know if our apps continued to work or not. For most apps, no changes were necessary. However, for a few that did some pretty customized and special stuff did need changes. However, I changed some code, tested that code and pushed an update, all within fifteen minutes. Now EVERYONE who uses that app sees those changes.


Due to the cloud based nature of the app, everyone using it has those changes without having to reinstall a bookmarklet, extension, or any other method of deploying Kynetx.


This applies to more than just the web based domain, however. As some of you know, I have been working on integrating a piece of hardware and Kynetx together. For example, turning on an LED when you have a new mention on Twitter. Normally, with each change to this one would have to recompile the code and upload that to an microcontroller (such as an Arduino). With Kynetx, however, you just change the logic in your ruleset, deploy those changes, and you see them almost immediately. :-) Yay for cloud based (true cloud based, no less) apps!