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The Healthcare Reform

I may only be 17, however I am not your average 17 year old. Recently, with all this talk of the health care reform, only one thought really comes to my mind. Where’s the competition? What was this country founded on? Capitalism, that’s what! If the government is controlling a majority of the sector of health insurance, who is there to compete with them? Nobody, and here’s why.

How can anybody compete with a business that has the whole tax base as a monetary source? It’s impossible. For example, if the Government’s health care begins to fail, what happens? They raise taxes to save their ass and go through yet another reform! Does it matter if you are using the Government Health Care (GHC)? No! EVERYONE gets taxed. Regardless of what services of the government they use. I might not call the police, but I’m helping to pay for their salaries and cruisers. Do we really want yet another section of the Government that we all have to help pay for? I know that I don’t, at least. As we all know, the Government is not the most streamlined and efficient entity; in fact, I’d agrue the opposite. Look at the DMV. How many times have you gone there only to wait for an hour and a half and they’ve only served 10 people. They do not care about making money, making you happy, or keeping customers. It’s not like you have another choice. You can’t go to the private DMV to get your car licensed! Because of the difficulty to compete with the Government and their monetary base (us), I am nearly positive that should the reform be passed, the same things that occur at the DMV, such as long waits, will apply to the GHC.

Second, because the GHC wouldn’t be run as a business, there’s little initiative for them for them to make money. Is there a single Government entity that makes money? Not that I can think of, hence why we now have a $11,681,758,453,948.84 in debt as a country (Hall). You cannot add more services without cutting other services or raising taxes. This will directly affect each and every single one of us in a negative way. At first it might seem like a good idea, but what happens when they start over taxing us? Who’s to say that we won’t rebel against the government like we did against the British? We Americans like our money, and dislike it when people take it away.

All in all, the GHC plan is not at all a beneficiary thing to any of us (okay, that might be too general). Overall the American people will lose freedom as we move towards a socialistic society. We were not meant to be socialistic. If a business fails, there was a reason they failed. But the Government won’t fail without taking all of us down with it. It really is “Too big to fail.” So lets try to make sure that we don’t put all of our chickens in one basket. We need to diversify and protect our assets.


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