Let's JAM!

Forget the Python Implementation

Well, after playing around with the Python implementation of an ICAP server, I've discovered how buggy and unreliable it is. It would crash occasionally and sometimes would just not answer requests. The way they decided to do plugins was also... strange. Combine these with the fact that you have to do quite a few code changes just to get it to run on a modern computer, and I decided that it was time to try something else.

This something else is called c-icap. It's an ICAP server written in C (creative name, I know). I have successfully compiled and am currently using it. It seems to be working fine, so far as I can tell. I'm working on adapting the module called "URL Check" to do some searching in the body rather than just in the header.

When I finish a simple version, I'll post code here that has some good comments (the guy who built this originally didn't speak English well, spelling "Permission" as "Permition").