Let's JAM!

Firefox, Windows of the Browser World


Oh Firefox, why must I restart you EVERY SINGLE TIME THERE IS AN UPDATE!?! Extensions, internal updates, etc. all require a restart. You truly are the Windows of the browser world. As Windows learned the hard way, people hate restarting. I will be honest, it is one of the reasons which I use Chrome rather than Firefox. Get your act together and stop restarting so much! It makes me lose my train of thought.

Also, Firefox is getting bloated and takes forever to start up. I can start to open Firefox, get sick of waiting, open Chrome and start browsing before Firefox even opens. BROKEN!!! Speed is very important to me, and Chrome KILLS Firefox in this respect. Hell, IE on Windows beats FF when opening a browser often times.

Firefox, I love you! You were my first tabbed browser! But Chrome offers me so much more! If you can offer me these few things, I may come back. :-)