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Events are UDP for APIs

As I looked over the event spec that Phil Windley and Sam Curren created, I realized something. I realized that your standard API (a request-response type API) is to TCP what an evented API is to UDP. This is important to keep in mind as you decide whether to use a standard API or an evented one.


Just as TCP and UDP have very different uses and advantages, so do evented and standard APIs. There is little or no acknowlegment of an event being recieved or processed, yet this can also be beneficial. There is not a required action on an event, it can be totally dynamic.


While I love the work that Kynetx is doing and love the thought of an evented web, you must keep in mind that not every API you build should be an evented API. Just as all traffic should not be UDP nor TCP, every API should not be response/request or evented. They both have their uses.