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Easy ways to do truth tables

Truth tables are kind of a pain in the butt. Last night I had to make a 4x4 one and each variable has 2 possibilites. In case you weren't aware, that's 2^4 possibilities, or 16. That means that there will be 16 rows. Now, I found a good pattern for getting all of the values. Starting with the very right most column, you alternate T and F for each one. The next column to the left, you alternate every 2. So it goes T, T, F, F, T, T, etc. The next goes in groups of 4. T, T, T, T, F, F, F, F, etc. The next column goes in groups of 8.

Now, I'm guessing you can see the pattern here. This will work for all truth tables (with values of either true or false), no matter how big they are.