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D'oh, I Forgot My Keys

I recently got back from IIW, a conference in Mountain View California. On Monday on my way there, I left my keys in the plastic box at the securtiy checkpoint in Salt Lake. While on the plane I realized my mistake and promptly called the airport. They said that they had them in the lost and found and that they would put my name on them. Last night I finally got back and went to the lost and found. It was 8:00PM and the office was closed. Luckily, there was a number to call. I called the lost and found office and asked if they still had my keys.

Not suprisingly, they didn't. They disappeared. Now, I understand that losing them in the first place was my fault. I am still angry that they either lost my keys, lied to me that they had them, didn't listen to my description of them, or some other thing. If you don't have them, don't tell me that you do! Otherwise I end up wasting my time as well as yours. Luckily I came with my coworker who drove and my car was at his house. We went there and I got in my car and got the stuff I needed (yay coat hangers!). But I still don't have my keys. I'm going to call back later today during their office hours and see if they can find them. My guess is that they do and they're right in the drawer. I'll update this later after I see how it goes.