Let's JAM!

A Cool Nerd

My name is Jessie Adan Morris. I live in Utah, near Provo. I’m currently 17 years old and a senior in high school; an early college high school, as a matter of fact. The school I go to is called UCAS, and stands for Utah County Academy of Science. It’s on UVU’s campus, and as such, I go to UVU as well. As I mentioned, I’m a senior in high school. I’m also going to have my associates degree when I graduate from High School. After that my plans are to go to MIT, studying to either be an engineer (either chemical or mechanical) or to get a computer science degree and become a programmer.

In some ways, I’m exactly like your average 17 year old teenager; I love music, cars (I would love to have a 1970 Chevy Chevelle), hanging out with my friends, and playing guitar. I’m constantly eating and have gotten a reputation as being a black hole when it comes to food.

In many ways, I’m not your average teen, though. For example, I love to read. My favorite author is Ernest Hemmingway. Most kids my age have never even heard of Hemmingway, let alone read any of his works. I enjoy going to school to learn useful things, but I loathe things which I deem “unnecessary.” I also don’t have the normal teenager job of working in fast food or retail (well, I sort of do… Confetti Antiques!), but instead had an internship during the summer at a local start up named Kynetx. This has been an awesome experience for me, and they liked me so much I’m still working part time for them.

I’m an exceptionally fast learner, and have taught myself nearly everything I know about computers. My mother, Kara Morris, can attest to my claim that I am a very curious and inquisitive person. Even as a young child, I would take apart clocks, radios, toys, remotes, and anything else that caught my attention. At the age of 12, I bought 5 Honda XR200 dirtbikes (years ranging from about 1979-1983) which didn’t run from a yard sale. I then got one running and sold it, sold another one to a friend, and made a good amount of money overall. Two years ago in November I bought a 1978 Chevy Nova. Yet again, it didn’t run. In fact, the engine was seized. After an engine swap, new tires, and countless other purchases, it’s finally running great! I also have 2 additional dirtbikes, both Yamaha’s, which I picked up broken down and I then fixed up.

But my true love would have to be computers. I am a nerd at heart. When I was 10, I took apart my first computer and put it back together. Amazingly, everything worked! Since then, I’ve done countless things with computers, reinstalling Windows for friends, neighbors, and relatives, setting up servers for our antique store (which is running the website you’re looking at), and many other things. We currently have 2 web servers and a file server, making us one of the most high-tech antique stores around! I have hosted websites for the local Rotary Club (here), and friends as well. I’ve played around with Linux, Windows beta programs, Macs, and I’ve even started to do some integrated circuits.

All in all I’m kind of an interesting kid. As my friends (who are definitely not nerds) put it, I’m a, “Cool nerd.” And I hope I’ll always be that way.