Let's JAM!

Checking In

It has been a while since I have written a post. I just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone and let them know what is happening!


I was laid off from Kynetx (see my post here), got a new job at Chargeback Guardian, have been paintballing, made a bacon explosion, decided that eggs are amazing, and have been a rather busy man in general.


I have started doing a lot more programming in PHP (a project at work requires it), and it seems like a convoluted language. The function names are wonky, there are things which should be moudles that aren't, and the encapsulation of classes is poor. Odd things such as 'Superglobals' exists; yet the code which I am assisting with is clean and readable. Granted, it is not perfect. Yet it is some of the more beautiful PHP that exists in the world. It has taught me something: good code is not dependent on a language; rather, good code is dependent on the authors. I have been trying to help keep the code clean as well as to beautify the more ugly parts.


This brings me to a principle which I have learned, both from practice and from a book I am reading, Clean Code:

Check things in cleaner than you checked them out.


This is important. If you do this, code gets better in place of getting worse. Wise words from Robert Martian, says I; wise words indeed.