Let's JAM!

Cedar Fort Marketing Conference

This Saturday I'm going to be at a conference put on by Cedar Fort. The guy who created Twilight Guy is here as is Genevieve from Google, more specifically the Google Books department.

So far there have been a couple of interesting things. Kaleb Nation, aka the Twilight Guy, is talking about creating a Web Presence or Online Brand. Most of the stuff that we're doing at Confetti Antiques & Books. There's nothing too new here. He talks about using a personal website, Twitter, Facebook, Blog.Tv, MySpace, etc. While we don't use MySpace (it's not exactly our target audience), we do use Twitter and Facebook.

The Google Presentation, however, showed me a few new tricks. When searching Google Books, there are links which allow you to buy the book which people are looking at. Nautrally, as a bookstore owner's son, I was very interested in this. I asked for more information from Genevieve, and she sent me this webpage: https://books.google.com/support/partner/bin/answer.py?answer=160400

Here, I found the information that I want. The program which we use, BookTrakker (Poor program, I plan on writing a replacement some day), allows us to export CSV's. Perfect! When I get home later today, I'm most deinitely going to be doing that. It's perfect to get exposure on Google for free.

One other thing that I've decided to start working on is using our Facebook Fan Page. We have one for Confetti Antiques which I linked to earlier. If you go there right now, you will see that there isn't very much information. In fact, it's pretty limited. I'm going to start putting some more posts and information on there, and encourage my parents to do the same.

As the Twilight Guy talked, you could see the amazement in peoples eyes. I'm by far the youngest person in the room, the next oldest being the presenter, who is 20, and after that I would guess that everybody is in their forties and up. I'm very technically oriented, as I'm sure you can see from my blog posts. The people who are here, however, are not. It's pretty to crazy, in my opinion, that some people do not understand how blogging, websites, or the web in general works. I am, however, glad to see them be introduced to blogging and what not. It's good to see that people are "seeing the light."

All in all it's been an interesting conference so far, and there's still 5 hours to go. I might update this or I may just leave this post as it is. We'll see.