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Angst caused by OSX

This is an angsty post. Be warned.

I own a MacBook Pro. Its hardware is excellent, but I cannot stand OSX any longer. Many people say that OSX is a God send in the Operating System world. I have to disagree. Strongly disagree. I have decided to switch to Linux. This blog post is an explination as to why.

Open source software can be very amazing! Linux has a variety of software packages and projects in its array. Many of those have been ported to OSX; however, many of those ports are poorly maintained and updated. This can create a situation of suck. For example, I want to stream a movie from my computer to my PS3 to watch it on my Television. Windows Media Player has that ability built-in. Despite Macantosh's reputation for being the amazing media, photo, video, software thing it is, does not have this ability built-in! And so, I went on a quest to find software to do this. I tried several cross platform projects to do this, and yet all of them failed. Miserably. PS3 Media Server and MediaTomb both refused to work. And here is the irony: Those same projects work in Windows. So, I have started running a VM in order to stream my media. This is broken. A friggin' VM? Really? In the same vein as the media server is my music player. I have been a fan of Amarok, which is an amazing Open Source media player. It handles large libraries amazing! I have finally gotten it installed on my Mac, but it won't even open without crashing! And so, I have resorted again to a VM in order to listen to music (iTunes sucks in my opion, see).

The second reason I am ditching OSX is programming. In order to do any programming what-so-ever, I have to download XCode. All I want to do is program a Ruby script! Why must I download a 4.3 GB file in order to do this!? That is broken! Ruby is easier to install in Windows than OSX. How is that simple? A lot of people claim that Windows blows for programming, and yet it is simpler to program Ruby on Windows than it is on Mac! XCode also comes with some new-fangled IDE. I do not want this IDE, I program in VIM! Why must I install XCode and all of its crap just to install Ruby? 4.3 GBs! That is insanity! Insanity I say!! G++, GCC, etc. are not even available without installing XCode! Why? WHY?!

Lastly, I am sick of the lack of control I have over my software. I do not use iTunes, and yet I have no choice but to have it installed. This is worse than IE being required on Windows XP and earlier! And the maximize button! It doesn't even maximize!! All I want is my window to get large, as large as possible, in fact, when I click the green button with the + on it! And things don't even close really when I say close! Have to "Quit" them! Isn't that what the red x is for?! And the updates! If I wanted to restart on every update, I would use Windows. Is iTunes really built-in to the kernel? The only reason that Unix derivitives should restart is for a kernel update. Nothing else (there are some exceptions, but that is the general rule). If OSX is really built on top of FreeBSD/NetBSD then they screwed up many of the beautiful parts of Unix. And the keyboard shortcuts! Enter to edit a filename?!? Why? I just want to open it!

Mr. Steve Jobs, if you ever do decide to get your fat ego out of the products you create, I may decide to try OSX again. Your way is not necisarrily the best way for everyone. Please stop thinking it is. Linux, I am installing you as soon as I get my HD backed up.

Thank you for your time. Sorry about the angst. I am just sick of OSX. Clearly. :-)