Let's JAM!

ADD People Have Poor Interrupt Handling


At my current place of occupation, Kynetx, I've been hanging around with other geeks, techies, and otherwise computer-savvy people. We'll often talk about non-computer things in computer terms. For example, we went to In 'n Out yesterday and were talking about the multi-threaded, parallelized process which they had going. Doing this allows for two things.


  1. You can compare life to computers. This helps understand life and computers better. In fact, I now understand parallelized processing much better because of the discussion of In 'n Out which we had.
  2. It's fun! It's fun to say things like, "Man, they really need to have a buffer on those hot dogs." or the like. Go ahead! Try it sometime! You have to be around the right people, but if you are, using computer terms can be a fun, good way to describe what people and businesses do well, or do poorly.

And so, the one which I thought of today was "People with ADD have poor interrupt handling." I thought that one was rather funny. :)