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Why most people don't need to worry about #Vault7

As I go through and read about the #Vault7 release as well as some of the reactions (both on social media and mainstream news) I'm amazed at how much sensationalism there is. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I am. Luckily Taylor Swift always keeps me sane:

Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire on Mac OSX El Capitan



I just started playing around with some recording again and got a power cord for my Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire. I plugged it into my MacBook Pro running El Capitan and installed my drivers. Sadly, it wouldn't recognize the device.


Thanks to a helpful soul on a forum, I found a solution that works. I had to boot up into recovery mode (CMD+R while booting) and open a terminal. From there I ran "csrutil disable". After a reboot, everything is back to normal. :-)

Programming Your SquareTag


SquareTag.com is the project I have been working on over the past four months. It started out as a way to get your stuff back (SafeAndMine) with the intention of enabling developers to create SquareTag apps and allowing users to install those apps.

I can proudly say that we are now to the point  where this is possible. There are now different apps for your things. Right now we have several different apps for SquareTags including a Journal, Gas Mileage Tracker, Blood Pressure Monitor, Comment App, and of course, SafeAndMine.

Adagio White Blueberry Review


Similar to rose bush leaves. It seems very dry and brittle.


In Bag Smell:

Smells of blueberries and dried leaves.



First Steep:

3 minutes at approximately 180 degrees


First Steep Smell:

This blend mostly smells like blueberries, though there is a hint of the white tea as well. It is very pleasant and smells quite good.


Updating all KRL apps under a directory

I have all of my KRL apps I am working on checked out in a specific directory on my machine. There are times where there are a series of rulesets that I am working on with another developer. At times, one or the other of us will make changes in several different  rulesets, making it a pain to know which apps to update and to go through each of these individually.


Embedding Webpages in Links

One of the things that HTML5 is enabling is the ability to use the Data URI. This makes it possible to embed data into the source code of the data. Doing this, you can embed your images into your CSS files, making it so that you do not have many different files to download/upload/track, etc.


The Future of my Car's Life

I love cars, always have, always will. Heck, I was even a race car driver for a short period in time. There is so much technology in cars now (not that I'd know, I drive a 1987 Mercedes Benz 420SEL). There's cars that will literally drive them self. And yet, I still have to keep track of my gas mileage and maintenance, even though there's more than enough data online to be able to figure it out.


Installing Screensavers in Kubuntu (12.04)

It's actually quite easy! All you do is:


sudo apt-get install xscreensav* kscreensaver-xsav* -y


This install all of the X screensavers via apt-get. All you need to do now is to choose one!

Calling another Controller's methods in CodeIgniter

Everyone says not to do it, but there are cases where I want to do it.


There is a way to do this.


Say you have a controller named products with a method named "_controller_method". Here's how to call it:

$products = new products();

How to solve DataTables giving a 'Cannot read className of undefined' error

Datatables is an awesome library for making tables useful in HTML.


The table I was using did work, and then stopped working. :-(


I took a look at the headers and the data. Turns out my headers and my data had some mismatches. I had more column headres than I did columns in my data. This was giving me this error. I fixed the problems with the table colmun headers and all was well!